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The Joint Center National Policy Alliance

The National Policy Alliance, comprised of key membership organizations representing black elected and appointed officials at every level of government, was formed in the early 1970s by the Joint Center to provide a forum for discussion and policy action on issues of critical interest in the black community.  Today, on issues ranging from job creation and the economy to environmental concerns and equitable access for quality health care, the NPA is active and engaged in giving voice to more than 11,000 African American leaders and the millions of constituents they represent.

The NPA is composed of these nine organizations:

The NPA holds quarterly meetings in which the leaders of the national groups share priorities and work together with respect to key policy areas. The leadership of the NPA participates in bi-weekly conference calls with senior White House officials to include two recent face-to-face meetings with President Obama.
The Joint Center continues to serve as the convener of the NPA, as well as its primary source for research and policy analysis.