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President's Welcome

For four decades, the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies has been driving America's progress toward the more perfect union envisioned in our nation's founding ideals.  Building relationships across racial and ethnic lines in order to strengthen the nation's pluralistic society has always been central to our mission.  In this current era of decision and debate on historic issues, we are determined as ever to offer ideas and initiatives that are grounded in the proposition that America does best as a nation -- and people of all races see practical benefits -- when we expand equity and opportunity in every community.

Over the years, we have consistently sought to fulfill that mission in a variety of ways, including providing black elected officials with the scholarly research and support they need to fully represent their constituencies, as well as helping the public at large gain a better understanding of the broad range of public policy issues that affect people of color and their communities.

Research ~ Empowerment ~ Engagement --- these are the critical elements of our approach as an organization, the values on which we have built a 40 year legacy of bringing people of color into civic leadership and our political system, helping them develop pathways to influence and impact, and supporting them with the essential information and associations that they can employ to get things done.

This website is a key tool in disseminating the in-depth research, analysis, and other resources that the Joint Center contributes to the nation's public policy discussions. I invite you to explore the site with an eye toward considering how the Joint Center's work can help you play a role in fulfilling the vision of an America that works across racial lines to confront and address the issues that stand in the way of true equality.

Thank you for your interest in the Joint Center.  Please feel free to contact us with your ideas, suggestions, and comments.

Spencer Overton, Esq.
Interim President and CEO
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies