Dellums Commission

Better Health through Stronger Communities:

Public Policy Reform to Expand Life Paths of Young Men of Color


The Dellums CommissionThe charge of the Dellums Commission is to analyze the impact of several key public policies on the physical, emotional, and social health of minority youth.  During the past three decades, a series of policies have had a negative impact upon young men from communities of color.  These policies include abandonment of rehabilitation programs for drug users, diverting youth offenders to adult criminal systems, and imposing zero tolerance policies to exclude youth with problems from public schools.

The hardening of these policies has had a cumulative effect of limiting life options for young men of color as indicated by increasing high school drop-out rates, declining enrollment in post-secondary education, and by increasing rates of incarceration. The Commission seeks to reverse these trends by recommending better policies in education, mental health, family support, child welfare, legal defense systems, and juvenile and criminal justice.

An initiative funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation