Design Lab #13 (Cleveland, OH)

Cleveland, Ohio :: October 27 -29, 2010

Meeting Goals

  1. Learn about Cuyahoga County's determinants of health work related to land use in their community.
  2. Explore the intersections of the economy and health as they relate to Housing and Employment.
  3. Explore the impact of economic policy on the social determinants of health and equity.
  4. Engage in intra-team exercises to identify and develop policy approaches addressing specific determinants of health over the next 10 years.
  5.  Network with colleagues and foster working relationships withinPLACE MATTERS affinity groups.
  6. Provide a safe place to brainstorm new and innovative approaches.


Design Lab Documents

  1. Agenda At-A-Glance
  2. DL13 Concept Paper
  3. Pre-Design Lab Exercise
  4. DL13 Data Sheets
  5. Place Matters Benchmarks
  6. DL13 Resource Guide


Design Lab Presentations

Tour-Cleveland Botanical Museum

  1. Ruth Clevenger


  1. Carol Payne
  2. Robbie Clark
  3. Paul Alsenas


  1. Day Al-Mohammed
  2. Elizabeth Farid
  3. Darrick Hamilton

Town Hall

  1. Freddy Collier
  2. Race Maps

Place Matters Team Presentations

  1. Martin Luther King, Jr. County: Kathie Huus, Carrie Cihak
  2. Boston: Nashira Baril

Closing Speaker

  1. Bob Crittenden



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