Design Lab 7 (New Orleans, LA)

New Orleans, Louisiana :: March 3 - 5, 2008

Meeting Agenda

  1. Explore innovative approaches to use data in PLACE MATTERS activities including benchmarking progress toward Team goals and objectives
  2. Share proposed national evaluation model, including a theory of change framework, and pilot a team assessment worksheet
  3. Develop and enhance Team logic models
  4. Share PLACE MATTERS Teams’ progress, milestones achieved, completed activities, and future planned activities to address the Social Determinants of Health
  5. Support New Orleans in their rebuilding efforts through an idea exchange with city officials
  6. Engage in teambuilding activities that support the continued development and implementation of county strategy plans
  7. Convene and network with colleagues participating in PLACE MATTERS counties
  8. Participate in the PolicyLink Equity Summit in support of the national learning community goals
  9. Provide a safe place to brainstorm new and innovative approaches


Design Lab Documents

  1. Agenda At-A-Glance
  2. DL7 Concept Paper


Design Lab Presentations

Speaker Presentations

  1. Bianca Pullen: Energy Clinic Toolbox
  2. Bianca Pullen: JC-HPI Energy Clinic Presentation
  3. CARTA Design Lab 7 Presentation
  4. CHA Logic Models Presentation-DL7
  5. Karen Dale: VOA Presentation


Team Presentations

  1. Alameda DL7 Presentation
  2. Baltimore DL7 Presentation
  3. Bernalillo DL7 Presentation
  4. Boston DL7 Presentation
  5. Cook DL7 Presentation
  6. Cuyahoga DL7 Presentation
  7. Cuyahoga Health and Development Brochure
  8. Jefferson County DL7 Presentation
  9. King County DL7 Presentation
  10. Mid-MS Delta DL7 Presentation
  11. Orleans Parish DL7 Presentation
  12. Prince George's DL7 Presentation
  13. San Joaquin Valley DL7 Presentation
  14. Sharkey-Issaquena DL7 Presentation
  15. Wayne DL7 Presentation



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