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About the Energy and Environment Program and the Commission to Engage African Americans on Energy, Climate Change and the Environment

African American communities are at the nexus of environmental issues.  Although African Americans contribute 20 percent less than white households to the causes of  global warming, research suggests they are more vulnerable to the types of extreme weather that science has shown is exacerbated by environmental changes, as well as to economic and social side effects of proposed mitigation strategies.  African Americans and other people of color are also vulnerable to the risks associated with increases in energy prices, and would benefit from job growth associated with the adoption of a clean energy plan.  

The Energy and Environment Program was established in 2008 to expand the discussion on the environment with the concerns and issues that are most important to African Americans and other people of color.  The mission of the Program is to increase the understanding of environmental issues in the African American community and ensure they have a voice in the development and decision of critical solutions.  Since its inception, the Program has engaged with the policy community and the public through research, domestic and international policy analysis, issues briefings and a series of forums with program partners.

Leading the Program with Joint Center staff is the Commission to Engage African Americans on Energy, Climate Change and the Environment which brings together leading experts from government, health, industry, civil rights, academia, labor, consumer protection and environmental interests.  These thought leaders work to increase understanding of climate change in the African American community, and together with staff generate a series of white papers, research and policy reports, and targeted opinion polls.


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