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FOCUS Magazine: October/November 2010
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
October 2010

In this edition:

"The Great Recession, Jobless Recoveries and Black Workers" by Sylvia Allegretto, Ph.D. and Steven Pitts, Ph.D.

"Opportunity to Remedy a Health System in Crisis: Increasing and Diversifying America’s Health Professions" by Louis W. Sullivan, M.D. and Ilana S. Mittman, Ph.D., M.S.

"The Online Job Search Opportunities and Challenges for Minorities" by Ying Li, Ph.D.

"The BP Oil Disaster and Its Disproportionate Impacts on Minorities and Communities of Color" by John Joplin, Esq. and Reilly Morse, Esq.

"Black Voters Could Be Pivotal in 2010 Midterms" by David A. Bositis, Ph.D.

"Green Jobs and Climate Solutions" by Van Jones and Jorge Madrid

"Strategies to Re-Establish Prosperity in America" by Robert B. Reich

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